Director, producer & editor : Mikael Reidar
Cinematographer : Emil Aagaard
Light : Frank Mortensen
Make-up : Wanda Bra
Schoolgirl : Camilla Lind
Schoolboy : Andreas Sorgenfrei
Teacher: Falke Thue Mikailsen
Location: Tinderhøj Skole
Music by: Modern Boys
Mix & master: TLM (Thunder & Lightning Music)

Modern Boys is a new synth pop duo. Based in a songwriting tradition from the world of pop, and a sound/production drawing on a darker and more electronic background. You could think of the 80’s, but without irony, pastel and coziness.

Modern Boys follows in the footstep of a proud tradition of duos, from Erasure to The Knife, and fully exploits the dynamics that you find in a close working relationship crossing different backgrounds. Focus is on the melody, but Modern Boys wants more than just that. It is hooklines, drama, feelings and dance in equal measures. Definitely popmusic, but intelligent and danceable too.

The lyrics highlight the dark forces that drive us all being as humans in this life with mortality breathing down our necks. As a parallel to our selfconstructed doomsday, Modern Boys sings about the part of yourself you’d rather ignore. The one that keeps you awake at night.

The band is named after the group of Japanese young men who in the 1860’s went to England, to figure out what it would take to bring Japan up to speed. They brought the industrial revolution back home to Japan, and initiated the development which in only a few years led the country out of the middle ages and into the future.

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