Love Is Like All the Colours (Peacock Blues)

If you’ve ever heard the sound of these birds
Singing like one mind
If you’ve ever seen the sights of these birds
flying in the sky like one mind
If you’ve ever loved someone out of your mind
If you ever had the feeling of something being gone though it’s all there
If you’ve ever known to be somewhere else at the same time while your still in the same place
Love is like a flare for some which in turn can burn out
whilst still looking at it
My love is eternal like all the coulours in the nigh
My love is like all the coulours in the light
My love is a follower keeping me company at all times

Let’s hide away
If you know somebody else
take them with
I’m sure we can be friends
When I fly trough these dreams I’ve had before
so many times
I dive into the rivers of memories that flows’
at those times when I miss you the most


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